Hello, my name is Merlin

I'm in the best dog’s age, (my new vet appreciates me for approximately 5 years) and I'm from Spain, where my "family" in December 2007 into a killing station has. Unfortunately, or thank God, I do not know whether they simply do not like me, had me beaten, or whether I have my injuries came to have an accident (more about that later), and I therefore wanted to kill. So, in this killing station was me not at all good. Somehow, the thought of there that I will soon die anyway, and that I therefore do not need food, I spent terribly diminished, until at 22 kilos and my hair was anything but beautiful, it dissolved into shreds by the body, I was centimeters thick feculent. My "cells comrades" has me terribly maltreated; I had neck and head countless bites away. So I had thought of me, I will not die, and there will not anyway, I need a new home! “The Samoyeds in distress” have supported me, they have a photo of me on your homepage by, and lo and behold, my, donor masses are not ve Photo, someone has taken directly to the heart, and they have adopted me. I still had to wait about three weeks and then it was time, on 16 February 2008, after a very long and arduous journey from Barcelona to Stuttgart, I took my new pack of leaders from the carrier. I had terrible looked like that my new boss has cried, and I heard them say, "How can people just something an animal do?", And they have let me feel now that I am in a new welcome pack. I was very disturbed and repellent, and I just wanted to be away, away from the carrier, away from the new environment, and just away from the many unknown people, I was just scared, and so we went pretty fast in my new home, in a small village in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, where my two other Sammy-buddies expected. We could first at a neutral field to sniff, and since it was quite good, but at home was the older, (he is 4 years old, and apparently the Beta animal in the pack) is not very ry favorable excited by my presence, and I allowed myself to him only about a meter closer, so I'm not to growl been, (which is also almost half a year has continued, until it no longer has conflicts) but the smaller brother of him was quite nice and sweet, but unfortunately was quite afraid of me because apparently I am also in my physical constitution a pretty bad guy was impressive, but I was at that time fairly to be rattled, and very distraught. As short time later emerged, had my condition to explain that I had extreme pain. My boss that is immediately noticed and asked me three days later the animal clinic presented. The first bad news was that my right hip was so badly damaged, that only a hip-prosthesis in question came from. But I was so thin but, yes weighed just 22 pounds, had no more muscle, it was generally in very poor condition, I would create? But surely they do, say my alpha female, and so I was on 13 March 2008 surgery.

I must say, I was at that time still very cautious, I did not like to touch, and if I was afraid, of what happens rather quickly, I have also been biting times, what my boss quite a few bruises had brought in. But they had very much patience with me. let  me in peace, not distressed me, were just for me, (my boss gave me three months not a moment alone, because I had extreme fear of leaving) and let me decide when I wanted to contact, and when not. But back to operation, using a muzzle, I have the anesthetic syringe were made about me, and when I'm awake, I had a new joint, and no more pain. The operation is very well, I cope with everything, and after about five hours, I was able to return home. That is a fairly tedious time for me and my mistress arrived. The first three nights of my head when I slept in the living room, because I still could not climb stairs. Then it was called in the first week, only 5 minutes every time out, and the 5-6 times a day. And the other two boys had also yet to walk, and at about 3-4 hours per day, but because my leaders have alternated. Approximately 4 weeks after the op came the next surgery, I had to be neutered, because I have a very nasty infection on scrotum had to them was that I wrote in the killing station centimeter thick with my own excrement and urine was dirty, and my mom "I first the Po and the hind legs had to be cut free. But this operation, I have good poppet. So continue with the construction: 4 months every week, five minutes longer walks, and about once a week in physiotherapy, for on the water treadmill build my muscles.

The hip is a very well-grown, (we were also super nice, and all have followed the doctor's instructions) I have made great progress, but unfortunately I have less control over the left leg, I've always more to be withdrawn, that my claws 2-3 days later were bloody scuffed. The therapist did not continue, and so does my boss order a back X-ray, and she still has a get bad news. Spondylosis, three thoracic vertebrae, which means that these three vertebrae make trainees at the bottom of the bone, and so they slowly ossify. As long as the non-deformed vertebra, they can press on the nerves. With me on to the rear portion of the back, tail and legs are responsible. So does it continue therapy, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs, and always nice to make sure that I can build my muscles.

Unfortunately my little adoptive brother Ujar on the 13 May on the Rainbow Bridge gone. He was sick from birth, had chronic renal insufficiency, and his little body, and his strong spirit no longer want to fight, and so was he with the help of the vet among us, at home in the arms of our leader peacefully asleep.

Well, for me a lot has changed, I did in the first half year learned Tajmyr rank higher than the acceptable, and it takes me no longer, and he can under his snarl even when I stand next to him. You could say we're not the biggest guys, but with the help of our alpha female, we accept and tolerate each other.

Now, almost twelve months after my rescue I am pretty well. Besides the disability by Spondylosis, sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less I have, has the rest of my body fully recovers. I have my fight weight of 29.5 kg is reached, the hip I feel no more the bites are all healed long ago, the castration, I have good poppet, my hair has finally reached the normal length, although it is still not watertight (which unfortunately still very widespread shearing Samoyeden of the delusions they had in the summer less hot!!!), but the top hair finally begin to grow again. Only my psychological wounds will probably stay, but my pack, and especially my boss, have really helped and still help me with my experiences to process, and to live with them. But I have a real nice and super loyal companions that love my pride more than anything, and cuddle with my bipedal pack members also like to see, and I am getting back from even touching strangers, mostly anyway.

So, dear people, if you have to find a record like me, and there are more than enough Sammy who need help, you well informed about our rights (we are sled, so working animals, we do not necessarily have to pull a sled, but suffice outlet, and employment), through our behavior (we are a bit stubborn, and need a capable pack leader) and on keeping the dogs in general, and when your done, you then decide you with all my heart for a animal emergency that we do not want to be given away again. If you’re all into account, then you have certainly a wonderful, affectionate and extremely lovely animal on your side.






Addendum: On 6.07.2009 I was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, leading to complete paralysis. The disease is incurable, and unfortunately I am getting worse