The Samoyeden

The Samoyeden circa 1696 was first mentioned as a big white dog Turmongolischen tribe from Siberia, specifically in Western Siberia. There were two tribes, and each had their own dogs, the resident strain, which had rather reindeer herding dog or elkhound-like with the colors white, white and black and white and brown, and the nomads, the Samoyeden, which had the pure white "Bijelker", the white of the white dog gives birth. The only possession of the nomads were your reindeer herds and their dogs, and these were her most precious possession because without their dogs had the Samoyeden in this inhospitable region can not survive, and they had them in different tasks. First, they herded the reindeer herds, they guarded the tent village, warning about bears, they hunted with their owners, and they were cuddly, furry hottie`s and fostress for the children.

The Samoyeden care services so much that if the hunters with their dogs came home, everyone, no matter who is in the tent sat by the fire, the space for the dogs had to admit, so they could warm up. The animals were really a full-fledged family member, and the people were proud to have such a noble, warm, smart, and yet autonomous animal to have. The Samoyeden incidentally, is by all breeds one of the elders, and no foreign blood.

Then came the Arctic researchers, and with them new challenges for the dogs. They were the beast of burden. Since all of the Nordic dogs were accustomed to icy cold, had great stamina, and had an iron will. But with the expeditions were many atrocities and horrific events combined. The dogs were beaten with the whip driven, exploited to exhaustion, to the other feed, or even eaten by people, and if they survived the expeditions were many killed, or abandoned to their fate, though the Samoyeden had already very difficult to get were (prefer a family member has been sold, as a good dog), but then also have cost quite a bit.

But it has also given other leaders. F.G.  Jackson was different. 1894 started the Jackson-Harmsworth expedition with the aim of the Franz Josef Land in the most cards can be reported (and later, however, that there is only a small group of islands, and not the mainland) and the North Pole on the road to reach. He has the dogs studied for their behavior and their interest in nature, and so he took on his return with some Samoyeden home. He also had a diary about his discoveries, and so he wrote, inter alia, that the dogs, unfortunately, had a strong urge to kill each other, but that it can survive an extreme desire had, and quote: "The whip, except that animal-loving people they are not use, the dogs seem to be discouraged rather than encouraged”. So Jackson noticed early, Samoyeden can be nothing to compel.

There were obviously some other expedition leaders who would be mentioned, but it was too far here.

With the Norwegians Carsten E. Borchgrevink entered 1904, entered the Samoyeden as the first dog the Arctic, and with Roald Amundsen the South Pole in 1911, and in almost all the expeditions they played a major role. Today's Samoyeden are almost all up to the expedition dogs back.

Jackson died in 1938 and was the first president of the Samoyed Association. He and the couple Kilburn Scott were very important for today's Samoyedenbreeding.

I would simply like the feeling of Samoyeden always awaken, the one Samoyeden has (when it is not already there), or intends to buy a Samoyed. Be proud and happy on this beautiful breed. Integrates them into your life, your family, let it with you everyday experience, respects their autonomy, and it looks not as insubordination, if he does not obey, an Samoyeden almost everything you can teach, it must be for him only one sense, and it looks as your most valuable possession, then you are, but even the dogs happy.