The story of Ujar.


Hi, my name is Ujar of Arcanas of Tuuli, am a pure Samoyeden and a huge very smart Boy, more about that later. I am born on 1 April (no joke) in 2005. Unfortunately, I do not want outside, because I love it when Mom fell in the abdomen, the other two who lived with me, had already been extracted, and so I had my apartment for me alone. The breeder and the vet but had a different opinion, and so I was brought against my will. So I just do not breathed, but the vet had such a nasty trick on stock, she asked me with an acupuncture needle into my respiratory center pin, and so I had to breathe. Well, I was in the world, a bit small, but there. I also very quickly found my milk, and so the people at least knew that my brain nothing had happened, (they were probably afraid, because of oxygen).

My new pack was immediately informed that a difficulty I had made, but now there and was in good health. They have only meant as a little guy fits to you and that I probably would be a fighter, and I am quite sure they want to. Well, wait twelve weeks, and then into my new home to move. The entire new pack, I've already learned, as she gave me a few times along with my nephew, (Yes you read correctly, because my mother is his grandmother. So, twelve weeks old, just 5350g difficult, and even moved, as can even a small accident to happen, and unfortunately, every day several times, it embarrassed me, but I wanted to clean house, whatever that may also be hot. But my new alpha female was all very strange, and since they already have some experience with bladder infections in dogs had dragged me to the vet! Ok. She was right, bladder inflammation. Antibiotics, bed bottle among the stomach, and be pampered mistress of what can be better.

Unfortunately it was not better; we made further investigations, blood and Urine check, and a huge shock for my family, chronic renal insufficiency! After many desperate moments very, very many tears, and much more Plush moments for me, is my boss pack thoroughly informed, and has apparently noticed that I do, in spite of that illness, old age, if they are very consistent with the feeding are and if they make sure that I always drink enough. The first year of life was like in flight. I was a rooster in the basket, with my bipedal as well as my four-legged companions pack. I had everything. My loved everything about Tajmyr let me go through everything. I was annoyed him no end, he loved his fish from the snout to steal, and eat in front of his eyes, his girlfriend, a Giant Schnauzer girl named Inca was everything to my beloved and dear beloved one, (ok, she only played with Tajmyr me, it has consistently ignored, and if not, she has a maximum with me bitching), and everything belongs to him, was now in my possession over.

When my bosses were almost exactly the same way. Tajmyr was consistently raised by all the rules of the education welfare, no pressure, of course, no violence, with quite a lot of patience, but with even more Stubbornness than what Tajmyr had, and for me? Look into my eyes! Could such eyes off something? I was a master in this technique, my mistress was not nearly angry with me, and if so, a glance was enough, her heart was soft, and they let me through. She was very grateful that I, despite the illness went so well, and that I was with them. Then came the fateful holiday in Croatia. We had super nice. It was the honeymoon of my boss `s. Beginning in May 2006, two weeks with the camper (bought specially for us so that we in the holidays were always to be, through Italy to Croatia, then a bit pilled around, and then back to Venice, city of lovers (probably belongs to the honeymoon) after Müstair in the Engadine, to go home. My boss is Bündnerin, so we always made one or two stops. But in Müstair I was super badly, I had to pass me, and could not eat, had severe diarrhea, then immediately go home to the Thurgau, and not even in my "Grandmother" in Igis over. I went home then momentarily better, but it began on 1.6.2006 again, and I had to emergency animal hospital in Zurich. I had about 18% red blood cells fewer than 15% it is fatal without transfusion. There was then a Babesien-infection diagnosed by a tick. I was in the whole seven days in the animal hospital, and then finally was allowed to go home. But due to the high loss red blood cells, my kidneys were damaged even more, and my quiet time was over. Every other week for blood test, and after some time were my values as high urea in the blood, that only an additional hydration helped, and so did my boss to me at the beginning of every second week, then every week a subcutaneous (under the skin) infusion with 500ml saline. I was very cooperative, and always held out nicely, but when the values did not stabilize, and the infusions were increasingly brought my "Mama" is no longer on her heart, so much to me, bite, and it had a different her solution. As provided in the subcutaneous catheter. The distinction is made between the shoulder blades pushed under the skin, and serve as "docking" for the infusion, but unfortunately it does not work for me, the first had for about one months to be changed, and the second was just two weeks, because approximately 10% of patients watching the tube's body as foreign, and encapsulates it. So, another try. Animal Hospital of Berne, they specializes in kidney patients, and after thorough information, have my boss `s decided my esophagus probe set to leave. My mistress and I are on 1.6.2007 for the first time drove to Bern, and I had my first surgery. The risk was omnipresent, if only because of kidney damage, but they have everything done for me, and after two hours was my "Mommy" me back into the arms close. What she was glad when I am on my four paws her running contrary came when I saw her. It was a painful time for my boss, the concerns they had, whether it actually would work if the values are stabilized? The water they all four hours of the probe directly into my stomach had to be administered. But I was a small miracle, even in the animal hospital of Bern; they have said that another dog up with these high values of urea was dead, but not me. I had and wanted to live but for my family, for all the love she brought me, and for all the troubles which they are made, so it was good to me, and I thanked them with a long time (for my Chef `s much too short) I have spent with you. The probe generally holds about three months, but by good wound care, the careful treatment, and certainly a little luck, she gave me six months, and so I got my second probe on 11.11.2007. Again, everything went well and we have enjoyed our life. I must say that I actually went very well, despite the poor forecast and the very high blood values, and that `s not me would be if I was not always a bandage around his neck would have worn. Unfortunately, the second probe was "only" five months, and I had again on 14.05.2008 for an appointment at the hospital in Berne. My Mom was very aware of the risk, but if they decided against the surgery had I would die immediately, because daily infusions wanted, and my boss I could not do, and they have always told me that they in no way suffer want to leave, and that they want to redeem myself now if I give any indication that life for me is no longer worth living. On 13 May, on Monday morning, during our walk, I suffered Circulatory collapse, and my mom knew immediately what that means. Severe heart is with us three, gone home, and my dear vet Catherine on the evening appointed home. My mom has even more time than usual made for me on that day, she has talked with me, I explained everything, gave me a beautiful coat again combed, and in the evening when my boss came home, it must be five again all together at my favorite lawn gone, and still have just enjoyed the time together. My mom has therefore decided that the vet comes home, that I have no additional stress, and that my other two Sammy-mates from me could adopt. And so I'm on 13 May 2008 very peacefully and relaxed in the circle of my beloved pack, and in the arms of my "Mom" around 19:40 clock on the Rainbow Bridge gone. But I'm still with you, in their hearts and in their memories. Ujar of Arcanas of Tuuli At this point I would like to especially when a whole team of Tezet in Müllheim for the loving care and great care in the three years of the much too short life of Ujar thanks, and also with Catherine for the loving and beautiful farewell which she has given our kids.


This is Ujar `s vote. We have let him paint, and so he really was. I can understand him so good morning every day and say good night, talking with him and see him. He would, of course, even without this urn is always with me, but I think this is a decent place for our baby, and he deserves it.