My name is Karin,

I am a native Grisons, and have my love for the Samoyeden already discovered around 17 years. But unfortunately I had to work through no time to give me a dog so fascinating to purchase, so I left it for this race to swarm. In 2003 changed my life and my husband drastically. I was hemiplegic, and learned that I suffer from multiple sclerosis. At that time I have suffered from this disease. We had one years prior maisonette apartment purchased, what should I do. MS is but a wheelchair? So my Grisons Stubborness came to light, and I wanted to have everything right. I worked more; I ignored my disability, just my disease. But the bill came immediately. I had all three to four months a push, and very massive, so I no longer recovered.

So, the plan, I decided, at the urging of my long neurologists who work to reduce the time to 50%, and so I had time. We have long informed the character of the Samoyeden studied, and we were aware that the dogs are so very much! Movement, and need full attention, and right bullheads may be so great to me would fit, and so on 12.06.2004, we have our first home Samojedenwelpen Tajmyr fetched. I was struggling with him my left side again trained by me, as for the puppies so required, each month five minutes longer walks have made, and despite all the critics, (you're mad, with your disease to purchase a sled dog! hello, I'm not dead, but I was just only a little in my movements impeded), we have our first year together managed super. I had one hour to walk on, but I had the beginning of 2005 again with the workload back up to 25%, and that was very bad for me.

I was accustomed to much and to work hard, I conducted five years a restaurant, and since 2001 I was assistant operations and right hands of the chef at the Hotel-Restaurant in Wil Freihof with 40 employees, and I was much too young to access the siding to belong, and for us it was quickly clear that a second Sammy had her, because the dogs are excellent pack animals, and humans only partially replace the four-legged colleagues can. And so on 12 June 2005 our Ujar we recovered. The dogs have given me so much, the necessary power, but also raise awareness of the beautiful in life, for the important! At the Ujar we have seen how quickly everything can change. So we have our life together as a small pack enjoyed us every day and whether the beauty of togetherness happy. I was something better, sometimes worse, since all the drugs there, I have not played, and very serious side effects have shown. I have decided not to take more medications, and the best of my life. I had our dog.

In December 2006 I got a new drug, and from then on I had the least with the rest relapses, the last went from Christmas 2006 to February 2007 and since that time, my illness has stabilized. The damage left behind on my nervous system can not undo it, but I'm happy, share my strength for the essential in life, and enjoy it (mostly) in full. I forgot my workload reduced again, and go only about half a day in the week, and so did my fatigue and my spasticity (muscle spasms) more under control. As we are sadly aware that we Ujar not maintained forever, and the association Samoyeden in need throughout many poor fellow to wait for a good home, have my husband and I have decided that we Merlin at us, and sent a beautiful life. So moved on 16 February 2008, the third samoyeden with us, and we were allowed a brief time in a five pack live. I have learned a lot through the MS, you should be happy from the things that you still can, and do not miss the things that you no longer can.

Sure, I would also like to go back to fantastic skiing weather, or in the summer of my CBR 900R nice ride, but I have my dogs, and so I know what a beautiful (but also bad) weather, and the second great passion in my life are the Klostertaler, also gives me new strength every time when I go to your concerts, your music can be heard, and one can enjoy carefree evening. So you see, you must have goals in life, not his head in the sand, even if it does not run around so, and to enjoy the everyday things. That is why I have this site put on line to me a dream come true, and perhaps other people, a joy to make, and its attitude, care and education to support it. So if you have questions, you can be happy with me in touch because there are far not all topics and activated, so you dare. I am not a vet, not a therapist, but with a lot of heart blood dog owner, and very interested dogmummy.

Your Karin