Hey, I'm Tajmyr

On 9 March 2004, I have seen the light of day, and I was the fairest of litter (ok. the say my owner, but its true). I'm quite by chance on my new pack arrived, because they have, after long and careful consideration decided to get a Samoyeden. You have to demand the breeder, who in the next or even later still throw a baby had to be awarded (at this time we were lucky to Sammy's still not so well known, and since there were already waiting times by half a year), and lo and behold I was already five weeks old, and even a "oddment", by the others interested parties have the breeder a bad feeling. Actually, my new owners wanted a bitch, in the expectation that was easier to teach, but when she saw my Äuglein, they were out and away. So I moved in June with them.

I was a bright fellow, but did so in about all the "teething troubles" with a puppy dog can have, through. Starting with bladder infections, lung worms, about colds, cough, and up to snuff, but I am a robust dog, and I have all survived without damage. As I am a bit older than one year, we moved a little rascal an Ujar, and all evils, he was still my uncle! But I must admit, he was super sweet, I've tried him on the first day to impress, but he only has to be sneered quietly and secretly accepted the scepter. I must say that I have otherwise a very good self-esteem, my father is Italian, and Italian breeding goal, I must just be beautiful, presence, ie a macho, and do not work! Since the in work degenerate would be this little rascal to educate, I have the heads on, and we have super made friends and he could do everything with me. He gave me my girlfriend almost Inca spread, but belongs to me, and as I've noticed that they also can see, I let the kids make.

I must admit, I`d always of bad health something, just not been quite fit, so my heart was investigated my blood has been taken apart, and from head to foot X-rays, since I occasionally to limped front right, but it has to any result, and so do my bosses decided that I simply can not charge too much, (no matter, I'm not working so much, and our dog wagon has mostly alone anyway Ujar withdrawn) and if necessary, anti-inflammatory drugs  to give up pain in my leg back away. It was also the suspect in the room that I am in the front, right leg had arthritis, but twice, have X-ray showed no changes. My mom has very thin antennae when it comes to our health, and perhaps was simply nothing to see, which unfortunately happens every now and again.

But I am not stupid, was also the last time the veterinarian revealed no pain, although Katharina my joints until it has flexed, (once I had to say very briefly “Aua”, but she could feel this outbreak does not reproduce. Hey, watt you want? Ok. After I have suffered, because the leg has given me the whole day to hurt, and I had to suffer, but no pain at the vet show, which is my creed. Last year they did such a poor drip towed home, but since was my good nature to question. I would not! Because they could tell me a long time that this is a very poor dog was (literally), and that he also accepted my need, not with me, I had my little Ujar, that's enough! Ujar Unfortunately, in May last year we went, and so I did nothing else than my hostility slowly off, and me to accept with Merlin, and meanwhile, after a year you can say, ok. He is here he remains here, and that is good. We are not big guys, but we like each other.